The Manager

Indira Dordelly thereon says, that the educational management is an essential tool for the achievement and effective functioning of the organizational structure so it can be said, that the educational management is the process of organization and use of resources to achieve objectives preset through an efficient organization where the educational Manager must lead his team toward the achievement of the objectives of the Organization, but during a continuous motivation where stimulate inspect East and consistently reward the work developed at the same time execute the action and manage function, by such reason may say that there is no educational management when planning to be prescriptive, the rigidity of this kind of planning because there is no educational management when your organization is centralized Although its design is decentralized, there is no educational management when it delegates or there is a lack of leadership. The Manager as a classroom teacher makes the process of planning, direction and control of the activities of learning implicit in a curricular design. Consequently, the teacher as classroom Manager will perform administrative functions relating them with teaching resources learning way such that meaningful learning is achieved. In the public universities is manifested in some authorities, a deficiency accentuated in the handling, proper direction of the educational management according to the requirements of modern times. Many authorities that are responsible for universities, do not have the basics, tools that education in the present application and required to ensure consistent professionals needs demand of the environment. Points out that it should not be forgotten, that the responsibility of a Manager requires a performance be efficient and effective at the same time though the efficiency is more important but the effectiveness is more decisive, for that reason we can say, that the Manager must play with high levels of efficiency in order to meet the goals. Educational managers must prioritize and systematize the available resources achieving optimum operation operating and administration of the institution that dirigeLos educational managers must be open to changes, can not be close to the opportunity for progress in the educational context to be able to fight for the use of an effective management, free of dogmas policies and centralist manipulations, where you have to give prominence to the idea of an efficient educational management, full news and original knowledge capable of transforming educational environments in high productivity and advancement of the institution Ruperto Macha, points out, that Juan Manuel Manes, brings a concept that deserves to be tested on what they called educational institutional management and says is a: process of conduction of an educational institution by middle of the exercise of a set of management-oriented skills to plan, organize, coordinate and evaluate the strategic management of those activities necessary to achieve pedagogical effectiveness, administrative efficiency, community effectiveness and cultural significance.