State Cash Market Lending

Recalling the beginning of the global financial crisis, could not help think about the most dramatic changes that have occurred at that time. Along with the massive decline in production and increasing unemployment, of course, remember that situation that occurred in the financial market, particularly in the lending market. For some time, borrowed money was virtually inaccessible. You can say that the market was in a state of "coma". And what actually happened? Let's face it. Russia is known to be part of the global economy. Ironically, many would agree, keeping in mind our commodity exports. This of course is true, but not all.

The fact that many people did not think over what was achieved rapid growth in lending cash to pre-crisis years. National income grew due to high oil prices and high consumer demand increases the supply of credit in cash. Banks borrowed money outside the country (at low rates), and carried out large-scale credit expansion to the young Russian market. Everyone was happy. The financial crisis has dramatically increased the value of money abroad. Foreign financial institutions have stopped lending to Russian banks (they needed funds to meet its financial problems).

Since the majority of passive capital from Russian banks accounted for Western loans, they were forced to suspend lending activities (they just had nothing to offer to the market). After some time, this factor was added, and the other: the crisis has generated a wave of unemployment, increased overdue loans decreased household income. All this has led to an increased risk in the banking business and, accordingly, a further tightening of credit conditions. At present, a tendency to growth of the market cash loans due to a gradual leveling of the above negative factors. Of course, too early to talk of a return to pre-crisis conditions. – Banks are commercial entities, for which profit is the main motive for their activities. A lending, in turn, is the primary way to get those profits. Thus, the recovery of the economy and the availability of refinancing will be the main factors determinants of market cash loans in Russia.