Definitely anger gets us nowhere, bring us only negative feelings, low self-esteem. Nearly everyone at some point in life have left and grab for this feeling, but if this is frequent, pay attention to the advice I give you to free yourself of anger and low self-esteem. The anger is not all bad because it is allows us to react to any physical or psychological aggression, it allows us to show our discontent or annoyance in some situation. It is in proper proportion gives us benefit of defence but when anger is uncontrollable we can harm so it takes attention to this article to know how to counteract excess anger. Anger is linked to aggressiveness, loss of control, low self-esteem, it is an easy-to-recognize emotion and sometimes a little difficult to control ends but not impossible. The ira has harmful effects on the social group, in health it is possible that it can cause you high blood pressure, heart disease, or ulcers in addition if you are dam stress psychological anger increases your likelihood of having a heart attack.

Emotional States resulting in anger are yelling, attacking the others, insult, to punched the wall, throwing things and other reactions that do not bring anything good. I’ll tell you a story about a friend that everytime is annoyed with his father, anger dominated and threw his cell phone I don’t know few been blighted already, also beat the walls and awhile later repented and felt very bad. I recommended him to postpone his wrath, to count up to 10 seconds and after that, decide if you want to throw the phone or anything else that comes to mind and since that day applied it and now thinks better things also is much better and the relationship with his father has improved. Extreme anger does not help much if it is that you really want to be a happy person and want to feel well.