Postal Rates

The second task when consumers, entities completely resolved. Two variants of mailing of information materials: 1. Individual mailing. In the individual envelope sent to a proposal by one company. Selected types of businesses and regions of interest to the enterprise. In this case, the cost of services consists of:-Postal Rates; envelope;-embodiment sent out informational material can be different at the request of the customer;-services selection of addresses, processing and sending emails. Individual subscription is effective when the supply of goods and services are directed where needed. And what is not should not be sent.

For this we need to know the technological principles enterprises, they use equipment and materials. 2. Joint distribution of targeted groups of consumers on the program mailing lists. In this case, the cost of distribution is 1 / 3 of the postal rates for letters up to 20g. As we have established post advertising (direct mail) can address the specific proposals of their products directly to consumers, ie, exactly on target. But. Certain disadvantage of this advertising can be considered as relatively high cost due to the cost of delivery (postal rates).

Understandably, cost is offset by delivery of specific proposals of their products directly to consumers, ie right on target, and minimizing unhelpful appeals. However. Many species TPTN, ie equipment and materials can be applied at very different companies: engineering, brewing, agricultural, construction, energy, transport and etc. Here are all of these types of businesses we call consumers TPTN (goods and services for industrial purposes).