The Children

The woman no longer wants more submissive. It is capable of generating their own livelihood. No longer needed to man so as to maintain it. Is organized and can work, study, keeping the children and also perform other functions. What’s left to man in this perspective? Treat this situation from a gender perspective is fine, it is what is expected, it is desirable. The masculine gender is responsible for all evil, of abuse, of inequality and not is much more.

But watching a little more, relationships and roles between men and women carry, and entail a myriad of circumstances. The roles are dictated by society. They are brewing by education. We learn them us by what we see from children. Culture strives to establish them. When, for some reason not been met as they should be fulfilled. Very severe judgments about people are heard.

Thus for example: b when a man does not give money to the House. It is considered a maintained and a desobligado. b in changing if the woman works, and this out of the House a considerable time, they point to their situation and is always the one that has expressions, how: why your children are as they are, yes she not putting them attention! Nobody can give the width in any way for what is expected of social roles. The reality is that families and couples establish their balances in daily life according to what each Member of the couple can contribute and wants. Who does what and how: refers to that in a world like today. What each Member of the couple performs is a contribution to the project’s partner. No matter what are the expected socially roles. The dictates of society and those around us are full of preconceived ideas. At this moment, all the functions, roles, mate choice, economy, everything absolutely shown blurred.


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Venezuelan Management

Carlos Mora Vanegas definitely dominates the business environment, organizations, institutions, the universities themselves an assertive organizational culture very poor, in recognition to the hard work of all those who made it, not only for a year, but already have several, are fully identified with the company, have contributed their experiences, skills knowledge arises where openly. There is a carelessness on the part of management to provide workers, to the human factor of the Organization, motivational incentives that help fully identify the worker with the company, to reaffirm the spirit of membership, product of the humane treatment of the reward, recognition of the work. Policies that generate a productive, motivational, conduct of belonging, result of a management capable of recognizing his delivery, performance of functions, productivity, the company’s achievements in workers are not defined. Manifests some apathy on the part of management, and even the Department of human resources integrate positively with the factor human, so to express within the organizational behavior always a climate that favours the development of the Organization, which presents a highly productive atmosphere, identification, commitment. Very few times we have perceived in the SMEs specifically acts where the productivity of work teams is rewarded, recognize creativity, innovation workers, their performance ability, his loyalty to the company performing functions that lead to positive results and do not generate organizational conflicts. In situations of uncertainty, as the Venezuelan business sector, where expresses fear, fear of being fired, product of the risks that many companies are facing before the actions of the Government, which currently faces where, many companies, even large ones, fear being invaded in their private property, passed to be operated by the State, is when more management must project their leadership capacities with actions that raise insecurity, it’s Trust staff, recognize those who generate performance, encouraged other metal Awards with other stimuli where sit fully identified with the company, in that their efforts, work is not only a salary, but there a predisposition of the company provide them aid in ways that give security to the worked towards their knowledge development, support to a guarantee of employment, a career plan that favors him.

Venezuelan management must identify more with the factor human, with work, no discrimination, no predilections teams, must be objective in providing recognition to those who really have favoured in the achievement of positive results in its management. Highlight the self-esteem to that worker who in addition to complying with the established functions, contribute new ideas, creativity, everything that contributes significantly to give way to a consistent organizational culture. You must annually for example management, reward workers, teams that have generated new changes, they have favored the company, faced the challenges with success, highlight their work, encourage them to continue contributing your experiences, skills, with prizes that encourage motivation to be always switched on for performances that will benefit everyone. Management with the Department of human in order to establish political, resource recognition awards, should be deeper so that workers are fully aware that in the company where they work, are considered, stimulated, recognized. I believe that today more than ever before the crisis it is facing, it is when they are given more opportunities to highlight the recognition to those who actually contribute solutions, suggestions, initiative that help get encouraging results, there are many stimuli which could be used if really the management committed to their organization.

Total Management

Emphasis, in the relevance, reach that currently represents the national and international standardization. As also the way of as it has been given the origin and evolution of the family of the IRAM-ISO 9000 series standards. Planning and documentation of a system of management of quality IRAM-ISO principles of management of the quality IRAM-ISO 9001. Main definitions. Standard IRAM ISO 9001, standard IRAM-ISO 9004. Guidelines for improving the performance. Since then, are considered to be other rules IRAM-ISO 9000 standards series, as well as other policy 2000 and 2001 is also provided all the basics tools allowing to assess what should be the General requirements for a quality management system according to the culture organizational company, their characteristics and needs, emphasis is placed on what should be the direction of processes efficient. Resource allocation processes. Product realization processes. Measurement, analysis and improvement processes…Taking into account also the relevance of reengineering of processes, which is a technique whereby, analyzes in depth the functioning of one or several processes within an enterprise in order to redesign them completely and radically improve Lastly, we must not forget, that the implementation of the Total quality management depends on a full commitment and involvement of the senior management of the Organization, which translates primarily into: – always give the consumer what he wants to do everything from the first time and at the lowest possible cost, – establishment of a vision and a clear mission of the organisation, – development of strategies, policies and tactics, – development and implementation of plans of work, according to the challenges of the company, – development of a friendly atmosphere, justice, honesty, trust, collaboration, camaraderie, to facilitate the absorption of the message of Total quality, – involvement of all staff, – creation and promotion of the work in team, – training, training and continuous, personal, and professional improvement of the human resource, – evaluation of the performance of operations and establishment of recognitions and awards for success, – creation of an organization to foster an environment of continuous improvement, innovation culture, responding to the challenges in time – establishment of lines of information and communication at every level.

Educative Management

Dice to the results that at present present/display some universities, especially public our interest in the analysis, seriously worries reconstructing the way like has managed, how it has repelled in nonfavorable results for the State, having considered the low academic yields that are taking place, where the absence of academic excellence is a certain fact, as much for predegree as for postgraduate. To many universities, their authorities forget to them that according to UNESCO: a. The education is a fundamental right of the human person and owns a universal human value. b. Formal and the nonformal one, it must be in if useful to the society offering an instrument that favors the creation, the progress and the diffusion of the knowledge and science, putting the knowledge and education within reach of all. c.

A triple preoccupation of fairness, relevance and excellence must guide all the policy of the education. d. The renovation of the education and all corresponding form, must rest on an analysis deep reflexive and of the information. e. To consider the fundamental values and preoccupations on which agreements in the Community exist the International: rights of the man, tolerance, etc. f.

The responsibility of the education corresponds to the whole society. No it is possible to be denied as she exposes Male Ruperto, that the diverse organizations and all educative organization must have to promote a managemental attitude that assures the permanent development the people and the labor communities, with initiative, creativity and importance. To all this the culture of the highest personal and social values is added, that the managers must commit themselves with their personal development and the development of their organization, stimulating. In the educative organizations and all modern company, as much the manager as all the people must train in knowing how to choose the best decisions to solve problems and to advance, whenever it is necessary.

Energy Management

Work for the implementation of methods of management of water and energy, such as rainwater harvesting and renewable energy community models. Fight against the consumerist model and develop campaigns against intensive products consumption in energy. Continue discussing and collectively building the principles and guidelines of an energy model and the management of water, based on environmental responsibility and at the service of peoples. Intensify exchanges between activists and movements working on dams, water, energy, environmental and climate; justice including reciprocal visits with Exchange of affected people from different countries. Strengthen our movements linking them with others who struggle against the neo-liberal development model, and by a global ecological and social justice. Celebrate each year the day of action against dams and for rivers, water and life (March 14).

In addition to directly express solidarity with the threat of the El Zapotillo in Temacapulin dam, they recalled that the villages affected in many parts are forced to fight to not be annihilated physically and culturally. Coastal, rural and urban communities see dams destroy livelihoods and their modes. Also that women suffer even more dramatically the ruptures of community and family life resulting from the construction of dams. In many parts, they are discriminated against in the resettlement and repair processes. In addition, the concentration of thousands of workers during the construction phase many times accompanied by of prostitution, epidemics and deterioration of the education and health services affecting the lives of women in a very direct and immediate way.

And that young people, elderly and elderly women are also particularly vulnerable to the economic, social and cultural transformations caused by the dams. And, finally, that privatization processes driven by the IMF and the World Bank in the 1990s transformed energy production and water into a large business. Corporations make exorbitant profits in the construction of dams, in the agro-negocio, in the hydro-business and mining.

Management And Efficiency

MANAGEMENT and efficiency Carlos Mora Vanegas undertakings given to determining characteristics that are manifested in the economic scenarios where competitiveness plays a very important role, require a good management, in addition to being backed up with modern knowledge of administrative science, experience, guaranteeing with its efficiency, results that allow to achieve its objectives, especially for the Venezuelan case in a scenario which is turbulentrisky, uncertain, but which present opportunities that must be seized. Wikipedia reminds us, that the word efficiency comes from the latin efficientia which in Spanish means action, force production. Efficiency has several meanings: in economy, efficiency is relationship between the results obtained (earnings, project goals, products, etc.) and resources used (man-hours invested capital, raw materials, etc.): rational use of the means available to achieve a predetermined goal; is the requirement to avoid or cancel re-presented and errors. Capacity to achieve the objectives and goals set with the minimum of resources and time, achieving its optimization. In physics, a process or a device efficiency is the ratio of useful energy and the inverted power. The definition is: irrigation efficiency: percentage of the volume of water derived in an irrigation system in relation to the volume of water actually used by plants.

In an interesting writing on this topic of Alexis Codina in an article published in, makes reference, which must be well clear the difference between efficacy and efficiency in this regard indicates efficiency is doing more of the same, but cheaper; While efficiency requires making new things that generate value. Efficiency requires good administration; effectiveness, leadership, and creativity. Efficiency working with paradigms and known paths. Effectiveness requires a break with old paradigms thought, wondering what We have been doing, find new paths. But this is not easy. Creativity specialists emphasize that all the education we received since we are born, intends to teach us to think, but in a rational way, i.e., sequential, logical, organized.

Manager Plumber

Before this, at the time when I close my Office and I retire to go to my house (by the way I do) step two blocks from the House of appliances. And at that time something inside me tells me to go to verify if what I was told from Bs As. It was true. They were 20hs. passes and was missing an hour to the close of this business. I go to the same and ask to speak with the Manager: 7th match negative: I convey everything that had happened and I find with surprise that knew nothing of the change from plumber and that authorisation had come but on behalf of the former plumber.

Therefore ask the Manager to call Bs. As. (when they had said that they contacted the Manager actually had done so only with the head of reservoir and the change of data of the plumber had not materialized). Made the call and at my insistence is finally reported the change of data of the plumber and ask that before this be informed also the head of deposit (so that in that way were two individuals having knowledge of the operation), to prevent another coincidence, that when the next day was my plumber, if the Manager circumstantially not present at that time, avoid thereby the Thermo was not delivered. 8Th match negative: this height seemed a professional Boxer because he was dodging one after another negative matches coming me to hit me one after another without break.

However it still lacked the last. Before I go in the room wanted to verify which was the thermos brand X who had bought and I find that the Thermo had informed to deliver was actually mark and. Because I could not believe it, imagine if the next day my plumber who had order to withdraw a thermos of brand X has had found with that change.

Management Coaching

Consistent with the previous approach Escriba (2003), internal coaching is being done within the companies themselves. It has a specific period and is conducted in a given time, always looking for well-formed targets. Reflects a specific need, but it is desirable to become part of the management style of the person, applying at all times in their relationships with their partners. Likewise a Ela suggests that external Coaching: This training method is that performed by external actors outside the organization. Try to raise the profile of directors not only within the organization, but that projects outside its four walls so that its scope is greater. In this way the company is known about the effectiveness of managers in charge, giving a much more human. Benefits of a Good Coaching Management According to the experience of the Mexican Coach Renato Gazmuri (2005), the benefits of a Management Coaching process include the organizational, professional and personal (family).

Some of the benefits cited Gazmuri are: o Develop the capacity and skills and increase knowledge or produces a high quality feedback or enhances performance and productivity or enhance the behavior and attitude of the entire area or increasing learning capacity, that is, learn to learn faster or better relations between managers and subordinates or improve quality of life for all involved or release time to the Manager a “Coach or produces more Possible barriers to creative ideas Management Coaching Some of the potential barriers, real or not learned from experience, as Gazmuri, which explain the rejection of certain companies and / or managers for not applying and / or participate in a process of Management Coaching are lack of time, lack of resources and short-term pressures to achieve the goals. Also, the excuse that lack the capacity and skill among executives of medium and low levels. The fear of losing control and disempowerment of senior management, as well as the rigid traditional culture of each institution are other possible barrier to coaching. For its part, Julio Olalla Mayor summarized that many, the coaching is resistance, usually due to three reasons: (1) demand of time, (2) induces the personal challenge of facing one’s own feelings and fears and (3) generates redistribution of power. Essential elements for successful management Coaching First have a Complete Coach, excellently prepared.

Another key condition is that the client is willing to work with the Coach, with your help, extract and use all its potential, in this sense, the coaching process should be initiated only and only if the client has the desire and will do. Discipline in the development process (frequency, schedule, tasks), close communication between Coach and Coach, clear definition of objectives and performance indicators, a high degree of trust and confidentiality are important conditions for the process. Finally, the support of the directors or senior management to coaches and confidence in the goodness of the method of coaching offer the ideal setting for the success of any Management Coaching.