Pablo Robert Freitas Dos Santos Permitted

Gold, precious silver and rocks indicate the weight in inestimable wealth to the eyes of God, tied ours allegiance, and when reading the term used for Jon ‘ ‘ under alpha’ ‘ we find the reply that we want, therefore is in this point where we see the linking key stops with the pregame of Jon in the river Jordon. To escape saving itself through the fire never represents to give up to fight until the blood, being used dedicated force of will, for more sliding than they can be our steps in the untiring trajectory of the mortal combat against our errors without never leaving to take in them for the way of the slavery. Pablo sufficiently had experience in this subject when writing reinstatement ‘ ‘ Being thus, I do not run as who runs without target, and I do not fight as who demurral air. But murmurous my body and I make of it my slave, so that, after having nailed to the others, I myself he does not come to be reprove.’ ‘ The parts of our life that had left redundant marks by means of our acts found weighed in the scale, could only be compensated depending on how much really we pledge in them fighting to change the panorama of this picture, reaching our redemption the edges of the compulsory nonconforming in not being a marionette of inconstancy in our Christian certification.

Here it is the Straw of which the Fire of the redemption proceeding from the part of the Esprit Saint was mentioned to Jon here it is and DE inherent Duse the life of all Christian, that in the encouragements of its untiring headquarters to the learning on the part of its errors for more painful than they can be opens the precedent to the day of the judgment here as an escape through the fire of the absolution. The message of Joo centers it the reach of this prism, entailed on way of any deduction directed to the parameters of a premature persuasion, the precipitated conclusions of what it is wanted to believe for what opposes to accept. We will go then to transliterate the ticket of Lucas.3: 17 similar to try to specialization what if it could write in other terms of bigger conclusive understanding. ‘ ‘ It will count the centralize of all power in its hands, similar of that in the day of the judgment he can outside launch of the salt mine of its Sears all salt that if will have become dull, gathering in the ravishment the wheat in the granary of the celestial mansion; burning, in the effort of each one in fighting against the sequels of its peccadilloes, with the fire I continue of the judgment of the absolution, all impure.’ ‘ Pablo Robert Freitas Dos Santos Permitted in Theology.