Mens Pantyhose

Once a rainy autumn morning, I stood at the bus stop and waited for the bus to go to work. There was rush hour, so people have accumulated a lot, and even transport, as luck would have it all there was. All going about their business, but, nevertheless, sideways, with curiosity and irony were looking for a guy 27-32 years old … However, I have no physiognomist, so that with age may be wrong. Ask what is so special he was doing? You would not believe, but it certainly confused, trying to fill in jeans pants, who stuck out like an accordion at the waist! All quiet stop "sprinkle" in a fist, and the most "daring" openly shown on the poor guy with his finger. A few years ago, this situation does not would cause no reaction in others: an alternative is not it! So what happened was a quite typical. What were our men for warmth? Some, of course, good old pants with extended knees and assembly at the waist.

Others are not under pants poddevali nothing, risking to "earn" hypothermia with all its consequences. And almost none of them had no idea that in Europe the problem of the autumn wind and winter cold solved long ago. It is well-known nylon pantyhose, tights / leggings and capri different composition and density, created specifically for men. Unlike pantyhose for men from women's products is obvious: the anatomic insert or codpiece, a wide comfort zone, reinforced toe, two stitches at the top for durability. Add to these features men's tights and all the virtues of women, namely: – pantyhose for men also have in their part of lycra, cotton, microfiber, which makes them extremely warm and soft – a special men's tights with massage effect and distributed pressure prevent circulatory disorders associated with sedentary or standing work. They also help prevent blisters when wearing shoes on bare feet – any underwear can not compete with men's tights and deer / leggings by stealth under trousers. Unfortunately, to see and buy pantyhose for men on the shelves of shops of the capital is almost impossible. What to say about small towns and villages? Until recently, such products can be ordered only from abroad. But in this If a parcel had to wait for weeks, then months, and, and the price of these tights is clearly 'bite'! And so, on the Internet has opened a shop where you can buy pantyhose for men, tights / leggings and related products: Do you still doubt?! Then you are to us!