Management By Values

The simple view is typical of deep thoughts, so much that one believes to have them thought himself the country companies require a review concerning the administration of values that is based on values. There are many gaps, conflicts, problems that arise, not be paid to attention what this represents true leadership is, basically, a dialogue on values. The future of the company is set to articulating values, metaphors, symbols and concepts that guide the daily activities of creating value by employees. Because many companies organizational behavior, as we always quote SMEs especially, there is one absence in many of them concerning stock management, aspect that management has neglected a lot. Stock management is how are sorted and organized the qualities or values that a person or organization has declared that it possesses. Acts of the companies and individuals who are part of them, have a positive or negative impact on others companies, other individuals or other processes the ethical issue is of great significance for every individual and extends to the business field. In every decision taken, will be involved something of ethics.

Dealt with suppliers or negotiations with the Union, recruitment or dismissal of employees, assignment of responsibilities or launch a promotion, ethics is always present. Not surprising, that manifest that currently exist in Venezuela, most organizations that struggle to transparency as a tool of democratization and social mobilization, companies have corporate ethics as one of its foundations. Without solid values she is flirting with disaster. With solid values, you can confront threats to international markets, the challenges, and know the opportunities. Since then, there are those who put above ethics and values the financial results, but do not realize that corporate ethics can be a source of advantage competitive, since through it can attract customers and staff at first level. Through the ethics can be finished with corrupt practices so ingrained in the country for several decades, they have destroyed the values and damaged the economy and society.