Mailing Lists

Post this article I want with the story of how I discovered for myself the secret of the wonderful power of mailing lists. It was true. Once I was, as usual, was sitting at home in your own comfortable chair and looked out the window. A typical exercise for people my age. But I did not leave the thought of what should be in this world to something more pleasant than my pastime. The secret I fell out of the blue. This happened when I was a freshman in INTERNET and everything to do with him connected.

E-business has been a rarity for me. I have never heard of Bennett Rica. I had no need nor desire to buy him anything. But by chance I stumbled upon all of the above simultaneously. And that's what I discovered.

Newsletters as a marketing machine. As we know, there are plenty of free newsletters. And the same number of their subjects. There is a mailing about the business of poetry, the architecture, etc. I do not remember exactly how it out, but once I'm in one of the mailings, which was signed, was an article entitled 'Newsletter as a marketing machine. " By the time I read a lot of articles about online journalism. All of them were little gray and almost nothing is not represented. And I thought that this article is the same as everyone else. But he decided to read it. Article written by Rick Bennett, I was just stunned.