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The goal is to know how all this affects to their learning. Qualitative and quantitative estimation of the functional organization of the capabilities of the student. Through the various medical, logopedicos, psychological and school reports prior to determining the level of curricular competences, the psychologist should carry out the corresponding valuation context school and institution classroom: the aim is to analyze the relationship student/teacher/fellow, analysis of educational practice: methodology, strategies, set level to students, support that the student account school: Assessment of the institutional response to the needs the student, distribution of times, spaces, training and cooperative work of teachers, family background and SOCIAL assessment of the context of the student etc: should assess how they affect different people around him and variables that can influence the educational process. The child must have a continuum between the two, i.e., there must be a constant interaction between family, school, and social context with an assessment of the opportunities and real deficiencies present to detect possible negative inferences. You have to know what kind of affective relationships exist in your environment, family expectations, autonomy granted responsibilities, etc at the family level, the student, it is important to know the degree of structure, directivities, predictability, as well as the degree of perception of the child by those around him (anxiety, assimilation, frustration, blaming). Equally important will be to make this assessment from the detailed observation in real interactive contexts.

To make ratings appropriate, considering that each student has their own times, strategy is to establish a pace appropriate to their particularity and need. Proposal Curricular Global aspects General of the adaptation Curricular according the N. e. is. students, must be a curricular adaptation (accommodation or adjustment of the educational offer common to its possibilities and needs). We will depart from the base that the method of intervention will have as main characteristic a focus of social interaction, learning base and structuring of the personality of the students. We will put at stake the affections intentionally, with body and verbal contact. Once we have located with regard Director of Vertices psychologists graduate students in psychology Executive MBA Master in bilingual psychodrama in English and French age 39 years N of collegiate M – 22453 Blogs related questionnaire to facilitate intervention in the classroom in ADHD Thousands of Panamanians marched up to the Presidency in rejection of children with learning difficulties Baby UN rejected the proposal to ban the export of bluefin tuna ONG EDAC promotes the use photovoltaic rondera flashlight in the Luz Verde Blog Archive Florence, a woman the ruling experience you he answered Carrio and said that changes to the Carrillo and the changes in the left THE FREETHINKING news decisions controversial: DC follows Brown rolling despite the 21 March: World Down syndrome day