Lion Fussigan

Shaida told you that she had been the only daughter that he had had with the real brand, and between tears Recalling spoke of as he had lost his two sons when they were children just they were 3 and 4 years old and disappeared in space when an abruptly was attacked the ship that bore many children in a galactic walk, explained you the history Shaida already knewHe mentioned that never knew most of them or of other small, he swore that until the end of his days would continue looking for them. He was still talking with utmost sadness of as time passed and there was no news of the whereabouts of their children and other children, many gave them for dead, but the heart of the old man was hoping that they still lived. His beloved wife while still pregnant, had died of pain knowing them disappeared, but before his death his wife brought him that light, called Shaida, and she was the only thing that was left of him and those precious two kings who came. Barely 20 years old Shaida understood the message. What both do not they knew is that someone else had heard that conversation, the evil Fussigan had introduced by one of the engines of the ship quietly and I had heard everything. Fussigan was, as well as entered by the engines came out immediately and as a ray of light entered to another ship that was already waiting for him, opened another gate that same ship, a dense bright dust began to clear and suddenly there it was Fussigan, released as crazy screaming, Brulin listened it with annoyance (Brulin was a galactic futuristic guesser, when really concentrated it was very successful in the futuristic predictions, sometimes seemed a fool, but he was also ambitious, he had a very horrible face, his nose was hooked, teeth were bulging and yellowish, his eyes were red, her hair was straight, reached him on the shoulders and was three colors black on the left, White Center and rubio on the rightI had no eyebrows, his forehead was sunken, his Chin was broken into three parts, your hands they were very white and smooth but his nails were black, and meals only had something positive in it and it was that he had grown much with Lion and Layer the missing children of the Mobed King, they were already adults and lived on the planet Fussigan Kojuka, they were protected by Brulin but Fussigan did not.