At the moment, with the current technological development and space on the Internet is becoming very hard to imagine: what else can come up and give a modern man who is spoiled by all these innovations and even little tired of them. After all, builders and developers are tripping over themselves to come up with something new that will catch your attention – and not necessarily that this development and web resources to bring you the good or pleasant feelings. Now all the producers are trying to just spit out something new, so you just pay attention to. Deciding to try their luck in online business and reread almost all of the history of formation of such large projects, such as Google, eBay, Amazon, etc., we have attempted to unravel the success of these companies, and the picture became clear – these projects with their appearance soon found their niche, because in addition to the commercial aspects of their services is really interested people, and now the site of these companies enjoys virtually the entire world. So we started looking for an idea that could really play a useful role and win the hearts of even the most whimsical of users. It not long in coming: once seated on the Internet and just browsing the Internet resources mentioned earlier, we decided to present an algorithm of actions the average user who needs something to get in Internet. The picture looked like this: basically, the first thing the user is doing – driving a title that he needed to Google, received as the result of a myriad of online stores that have a given goods (and usually in the top three are always present Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, and not necessarily that the price for the goods they are the best), he clicks the link to the appropriate resource, and where there still is searching for his goods, because, as a rule, he still sees a lot of offers unique product that he needs. .