Hermes Trismegisto

A loser is not who comes from last but one that feels and looks and never tried to correrOscar PistoriusMientras we journey in this dimension with our personality which has given way to our conduct, behaviour with which we interrelacionamos, Act, have led to manifest all those actions that emanate from our self internal and take advantage of the time that is given us in our growth function, mission adecuadamenteA this stage in our life, we already know how to interpret the scope, the repercussions which bequeathed us the law of the Correspondenia, that as us as Brian Tracy, the law of correspondence points out, is the fundamental principle of most religions, currents and schools of thought. This law is great news. It is the key to freedom and personal happiness. It is the key to a great success and satisfaction.Our outer world of relationships will be determined by the person that we carry inside; or, by your true inner personality. Your health will result from their internal mental attitudes. Your outer world of achievement Economic and income corresponds to your inner world of thought and preparation. The way in which people respond and react against you will be a reflection of your attitude and behavior towards them.Reminds us and said Hortensia Galvis, who consider, that in times of Abraham, the master Hermes Trismegisto ensured that all information about a man could be found in only one drop of his blood and that the entire universe was represented within every man. He then formulated a principle called the law of correspondence saying: as it is up is down and down is up. With these words, Hermes created a deductive method allowing to catch a glimpse of the greatness of the created universe, where the biggest greatest thing is equal to the smallest of the smallest thing. Where all levels of existence share the same essence, organized into a system of holograms in holograms, holograms within, to infinity.