Feng Shui

A product is really interesting, to say the least … It contains much that is admirable … For example, a virtual compass formed individually for each user, provides for such Feng Shui lover like me, a lot of extra opportunities to organize a harmonious space. Moreover, developers are offering it as a natural complement method chronopuncture, and absolutely not pushing for it the use of numerous fans of this ancient art. And, in vain – the number of enthusiasts of Feng Shui in the world is enormous, and the compass, or rather his side use, the method may involve a large number of consumers which, in addition to curative and preventive programs can have a tool, which could not even dream of. … And, absolutely free, unlike the highly paid specialist services of Feng Shui, which however, are unlikely to be able to produce such a precise, computer-designed instrument. For me personally familiar with this ancient art, virtual compass, formed the program for each user was confirmation of the seriousness of the underlying method of "Imperial chronopuncture 'knowledge.

I always suspected that my favorite of Feng Shui, it is only a fragment of some much more ancient global knowledge, which I considered lost. Especially nice to realize that I was mistaken – the method of "Imperial chronopuncture" is closer to the roots of this knowledge than anything else. Well, was going to write about business, and is obsessed with the product, but still not at its most the main component.