Effective Management

In this article I have a reflection of information tools to help consultative sellers to be more productive. The work environment is becoming increasingly more demanding and sales are no exception, quite the contrary. We face the need to generate effective results. The effectiveness is related to efficiency (doing more or equal with fewer resources) and effectiveness (achieving the established results). We have already spoken in several of the articles in this portal about the importance the use of a methodology of sale that apply to our business process.

Now, not only the methodology or sales process ensures success. This is achieved to the extent of being persistent and consistent in the application of the same. Once the proper refinement of the process is reached (pretend that this tuning the engine of a car, must adjust several elements to achieve have the engine ready, so its performance is optimum, defining this as the relationship power and consumption of fuel), can be include tools that allow to optimize the process. Then I’ll show an example of the type of tools that can make us to win productivity as sellers. In this age of information, it is necessary to have mechanisms that allow gain productivity in the implementation of the methodology of consultative selling.

This is achieved with the use of tools for Agile management of information of the Pipeline (caretra of business opportunities). One of the tactics that best results can provide is the use of control boards or Visual systems that allow to view the landscape of business in the near future (this depends on the average time of closure of businesses in your field of work). Some days ago I got a recommendation from a colleague on some items of this type. The attached graph shows a system called Visual IO which allows you to have a complete view of the pipeline, easily able to consult comprehensively the status of each of the business for each one of the sales representatives.