Difficult Choice Gifts

In this article we consider the method of choosing the style of jewelry that people prefer to wear. Of course, not always women, and they are being highly variable in their tastes, and adhere to any one style. But in general, always You can highlight the main tendency, so to say "red thread" in her wardrobe. A trivial task – selection of gifts a woman:). Thus, business-like style. nt Partners).

Women who adhere to this style suit made of silver, which are not will divert attention and hamper the work. Otherwise, co-workers can admire brilliance of diamonds that adorn the earrings in his ears, and forget about the topic of the talks. Choose the most simple, without large stones and sparkling crystals, but quite stylish, elegant and graceful ornaments to emphasize the femininity of clothes and the owner. This may be a ring, bracelet, brooch or a small thin chain with a pendant. In my opinion, ideally in the office will be look product with rock crystal and pearls.

Also, it is appropriate to be decorations with stones as agate, aquamarine, amethyst, jet, danburite, Drava, smoky quartz, covellite, moonstone, jade, obsidian, onyx, pyrite. Military-style (the military). It's all tough and strict. Jewelry extremely concise, simple and discreet: bracelets, chains, rings. Typically, a minimum of stones which have not perlivayutsya and muted colors: agalmatolit, actinolite, jet, hematite, Drava, smoky quartz, black pearl, Morion, Obsidian, Onyx, Peters, Serafini, sardonyx, the tears of the Apaches. Ethno. In this style allowed liberties and very unusual accessories. Jewelry can be very diverse: rings, bracelets, pendants, pendants, lockets, necklaces, chains, brooches, etc. I like this style emphasize the large stones or beads on a string of bright stones. Here is a fairly wide collection of minerals: azurite, aquamarine, almandine, amethyst, ammolit, benitoite, turquoise, vanadinite, varistsit, Verdelho, heliodor, Hyalite, garnet, dioptase, emerald, kyanite, coral, cat's eye, krokoit, cuprite, azurite, peridot, Pearl, pyrope, begat, rubellite, ruby, sagilit, tsavorite, haliotis, chrysoprase, Charoite, spinel, amber. Romantic. A gentle, soft, airy style with a touch of charm. Each piece of clothing should emphasize femininity and fragility. Accordingly, the decorations should not be cumbersome, "screaming", but as can be more elegant, sophisticated, refined, subtle – chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants. The stones chosen tender, pastel, pleasing the eye, pale colors: topaz, akvaaurit, aquamarine, angels, vesuvianite, Verdelho, heliodor, Hyalite, rhinestone, danburite, pearls, cacholong, quartz, kornerupin, Kunz, lazulite, lepidolite, moonstone, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, sardonyx, tiger's eye, phenacite, citrine, amber. I repeat again that you can buy gift focusing on the taste and preferences.