CRM Local

It is important to know the new applications that exist for the tools of support to the decision as far as the suitable handling of the information of our clients to give to the companies a competitive advantage or to stay at least to the vanguard as far as the knowledge that is had of the same. This it is a work so that they know cone would be possible to be implemented a real and simple solution in case of not having the sufficient resources for a solution complex outpost and of how by day maintaining this information in our process to day. II.CRM. That it is? A CRM or Custom Relation Management, is an option of the companies stops to be more competitive, when keeping and analyzing the information of its clients with the company. Before the CRM was the memory of the salesman about their clients.

With functions of management of sales (to see its possible future sales with the clients), trade management (analyzing the parameters of the clients when grouping them and to detect areas of opportunity) and as manager post-sales (for the handling of the shipments and the complaints that the client has done). In agreement with the needs of points of sale and the volume of clients, the CRM can be classified in: 1.Un point of sale, few clients. With a spreadsheet and an electronic agenda point of sale, several clients would be enough 2.Un. Use of solution CRM according to the detail of requirements of information of the client and/or the file that is due to store of the same. 3.Ms of two n, points of sale clients: Here he would subclassify himself in: a) CRM on watch or SAAS (Software on Service). It implies the rent of software, allows remote access with a smaller, useful technological investment for companies with points of sale very dispersed b) CRM Local.