Attraction Combining

We all know that because of the erroneous teachings that we scheduled from guys, either from family, religious, education and State, in that success in life is achieved only with hard work and that in addition the ease to get that triumph will achieve in life is directly proportional to the money that has accumulated family that you had at birth, are all wrong premises. Obviously that if you feel comfortable to wait without doing anything, you will not get what you intend, but does not mean that success is a question of working hours or in any case of physical, mental or even work in the conventional sense of the word. But also and above all the work that our subconscious motivated by our conscious positive thoughts in foreground, do so then those positive thoughts arise automatically in our subconscious. I.e. you’ve already read the main premise and that is the heart of the law of attraction: think you’re a winner, even When in practice not yet it and inevitably end up being a winner. However if you think you’re a loser then you’ll be a loser, and not because you had not luck or whole society is plotted as a whole against you, you’ll be a loser because you only chose it. Therefore you just decide what you want in your life, whether financial, social or emotional, you’re the generator of your own destiny, you’re who trace the path to follow.

And here is where you enter the title of this article. Although, as I said above is not a matter of number of hours of work, if put into action, to make that desire of realize our objective, we have a guideline of action programmed by us to the starting point. A guideline that we will be modifying as we go further down intuitions which we will be reporting the subconscious, thus the law of attraction will exert its influence in a natural way.