Abandoned Clothing

HELENA CELDRN English photographer Jonathan Mist scans gloves, shoes, pants and sweatshirts abandonadaos in the field, the beach or train tracks. Foreign Bodies (foreign bodies) is an artistic project which brings together clothing forgotten or lost in public places. Scan items and organize them to reflect against the fashion throwaway, large-scale bombing of textile production vacuum boots orphan mud, white Sweatshirt attacked by verdin, glove desparejado with shavings of the remarkable grass is not clothes, abandoned to their fate in the most unusual places, but the way in which he is portrayed by Jonathan Mist, photographer and English artist who one day decided to collect shoes, t-shirts and jackets forgotten or discarded from the lives of their owners. Foreign Bodies (foreign bodies) treats the garments of unknown origin, now useless, as exquisite objects of study, cataloged and valuable. Mist the scans as if were specimens of Museum, as do the history Natural of London with protected species. A project associated with the death of the fotogarfo produced you melancholy garments: there, dead, became poetry.

They had lost their function, they were redundant and obsolete. He collected samples with care not to alter any important detail. The name of the project refers to the combination of observing something as normal as a slipper or a pant in a scene between autochthonous and foreign. Mist uses the word bodies for rrirse garments as emotional response to the feeling that have left them perish there. The project is associated with death and wanted the title to reflect sadness. He began collecting clothes in his walks through the countryside, on the outskirts of Dorser, Hampshire, Wiltshire, in the South of England.

Discover a new piece to be able to catalog was the most exciting part of the job: leaving without knowing with what you are returning. He soon extended his search for beaches, industrial parks, car parks, train tracks wanted the Viewer to observe how fabrics are metamorfoseaban when they lost their original function. The project is also a reflection on fashion throwaway, vacuum the bombing of clothing production on a large scale. Then he was not photographing them, but it got them on a scanner. The clothing against the glass creates a ring of light as in forensic photography. No previews or viewers the outcome is the result of spontaneity. There are lots of textures and colors that are not appreciated at first glance, but it is amplified in the screen of a computer. Jonathan Mist was gathering its foreign body from May 2009 until 2010, but seems not convinced after finishing with him. The project could continue forever, says opening a door to a second round. White heel shoe and glove fielder appear floating in the digital darkness, transformed, with muted colors that gave them the weather conditions and vegetation. What was trash emerged as something beautiful, something dear and worthy of being observed carefully. Source of the news: the coroner of abandoned clothing